Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From around the block

Some people are just AWESOME, no matter what life has dealt them.
Since having the car stolen (and found), Randy & Heather are taking no chances with the stroller.
Even though I offer to help Lisa with her balloon animals, the kids just don't appreciate my creative genius.
Alcohol - LEADS to Fish Snogging!!
And finally, as a tribute to an earlier post - a peace movement I believe in

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Kris said...

Mike and I got such a laugh over your balloon THAT's talent...or at least a good use of a fertile imagination.
Commenting on your other blog, Mike sets up a big NCAA brackets competition with family and friends and the grand prize is a rootbeer float. I hope he will still make it to the Celestial Kingdom! I didn't participate this year as I didn't have time to find out what color each team's uniform is and that is my criteria for who wins or who loses.