Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Quotes Out of Context part 37

Discussing the possibility of digging an egress window as a service project,
Egress Window

I mentioned a common friend, Geoff, who has a Bobcat. My friend Sean said we will need an attachment. He actually said:

"We can rent a hoe all day for only $80."

Bobcat with a Hoe

I have never been set up so easily before my mind came up with about a million responses at once, so many I think it jammed up and I couldn't respond. Classic.

Please note the name have been altered to protect the innocent & guilty.


meredith said...

HHHMMMM maybe you could have actually changed his name and not the spelling? Just something to think about.

Nessa said...

I just can't stop laughing! :)

TStevens said...

Maybe if you hadn't said that, people would think I had done that. HHHMMMMMM Really something to think about.

meredith said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TStevens said...

Remember people I will remove comments for severe profanity and deviant practices involving larger sea craft

Paigie said...

it was funny but I think removing Meredith's response and posting the follow up comment was the funniest!