Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What A Question

Lisa and I watched Twilight independently on Monday night, her in Blu-Ray with a bunch of ladies, and me at home on regular DVD. When she finally returned home she walked in and said:

"Did that High School girl have the best breasts you have ever seen in that prom dress?"

I am to honest for my own good and replied:

"While they were nice, and I certainly appreciate them; being a man of 40 years I have seen a lot of breasts and no, they weren't the best I have ever seen."

I could compile a long list of impressive mammaries with some equally impressive pictures, but that isn't what this blog is about. Like I tell Lisa when she refers to her favorite program as "Supernaturals", that is a whole different show.

I think I will leave you with this short clip of a possessor of some very awesome boobies, and the secret of how she got them.


Nessa said...

Thank you for this David! It's nice to know the official "recipe" now!

TStevens said...

You know she is from Mexico - You and Lisa can take a road trip to the sacred site.

My advice is you guys should swim in it!