Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Images

Love this onePlease Do. Lisa had Parker done and Fred and Turk and me.
Been here. For me it was an Atomic knee drop by Gunnar while I was napping on my back (he was three). Almost didn't need to do the above picture.
Rejected image for my blog heading - only because it looked bad when rotated.

Twins Lose Again

This was my third time at a Twins game and it was the third straight lose. I am beginning to think it is me. We always love going on Wednesdays as it is dollar dog night. Last year we saw them play the Blue Jays and nobody cared. Hence the crowd was measly and the dogs lasted until the 6th. Tonight it was against the White Sox and we are battling it out for first place. The crowd was a season high 42.000 and the dogs lasted 1 inning.
Since I went on a date wit his wife last night, it was only fair I went out with Eric tonight. Totally BFF!!
Our friend Wayne got free tickets in the cheap seats and 16 of us went. Here is Lisa and Qatar.

Girl's Night Out

I was finally able to convince a few people to go see Mamma Mia with me. Vanessa, Bonnie, Meredith and I headed out to our local theatre and can you believe with 10 minutes to showtime it hadn't sold out?!?!
The audience consisted of a lot of women with their moms, or an occasional younger mom with her daughters - and then me. An old neighbor of mine (with her mom) saw me and gave me a very funny look. Where's Lisa. I told her she was at home and I was here with these three women. Even though I explained my love of Abba dating back to my youth in Europe, her response was still "That's still strange." Probably thinking it was a Mormon thing and these were my extra wives.
The movie was great and kudos for Pierce Brosnan for singing when he clearly is not that talented that way. At least he was leagues better than the nutjob freak women on the other side of me that sang along to every bloody song. SHUT THE FETCH UP!! But I was to polite for that, and plus her aged mother was next to her.
The most disappointing thing about the whole night was the girl talk. If any of you guys wonder what women talk about on their own, here it is. Potty training, mammograms, and the relative sexiness of Pierce's manly chest hair.***
BTW - we are NOT pregnant.
***Body hair is totally gross always. What was that? Oh, except you. It looks great on you, just not everyone else.
Yeah, thanks ladies.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Win This Book

Funny book unless French. Or a prude. Or don't get British humor. Or having a book with a foreign profanity in the title. Or you are a git***. Or have strong feelings about BSE. Or unionized.

Win it by saying you want it.

***Even though I am a git I loved it.

Dirty Quotes Out of Context

I was installing a basket on Lisa's bike and of course Cenny & JT were watching (starved for entertainment). I dropped the screws that attach it to the bike, so we pick them up and hand them off to Lisa to hold. Cenny then makes the following observation:
"So if Daddy needs a screw, he will just ask Mommy."

Yes, yes I will.

Then at dinner tonight we are having sandwiches and Lisa says the classic:
"Get over here and cut the cheese."

I will do my best but I am not really prepared right now.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Remodel Bonanza Part 2

The next step was to insulate the walls and ceiling. We are insulating everything to help with soundproofing between rooms as well as regular reasons. It really starts the transition process to make a room look like a room.

For now we are only doing the walls that are outside or we have already done the other side on a previous remodel. That way if we do a tear out we do not ruin the new insulation.
I went out and bought my 20 sheets of drywall and carried them all up the stairs. A sheet of drywall is approximately 70 pounds. I was dead by the time I got to the 20th sheet. Thursday at 6:30pm is the EQ work party to put the 6 sheets up on the ceiling.

Thrift Store Find

Living here in really, really Southern Ontario can you believe I got this shirt for only $2?

Remodel Bonanza Part 1

Finished the electrical installation on the room. Six outlets, 5 lights, 4 three way switches, and one hard wired smoke detector.

Of course all Lisa could talk about is the whole I drilled by mistake through the exterior of the house. Some people are just negative.
You can see on the bottom right where the whole should have been. Missed by a few inches.

Life is Beautiful

Church can really surprise you sometimes. Great speakers or new insights into doctrinal points expands your understanding of the Gospel. But sometimes, if you are lucky and paying attention the Lord can really bless you. Today was a two for one special. We begin with singing Hymn 246 and someone had taken it upon themselves to add some awesome feminist graffiti. How cool is that? (click picture to see larger)

Then in Priesthood someone actually pulled out Mormon Doctrine from their briefcase to answer a question. Carrying MD around with you like the scriptures, I had to check I wasn't in Utah anymore.

***Finally found a penny again while out walking the dog - 27 cents total I think.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Wife - Funny

I also have to have my skin check with this. I am curious if she (the Doctor) will make mention of it, or just ignore it and talk about me with the nurses when I have left.

BTW - that is my left shoulder,

Look at Picture, Take the Poll

I wish I knew how to incorporate a poll within the post, but I don't.

So I have my annual skin check on Wednesday, and I have another spot on my nose (see middle about two thirds up). Put on your Doctors hats and guess.

Cancer again.
It is something, but not the big C
It's nothing you big baby
I don't ever want to see an extreme close-up of your nose again!



Key Quote:

"Here's your Grey Poupon, roll your [expletive] windows up," he responded.

Too bad I am too much of a wuss to live this dream.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

For Anyone With Children

You have to check out this list of wierd baby products at Cracked.This is a baby pillow for example.

For more fun go see these baby costumes. Finn needs a poophead costume.

Found through List of the Day Blog.

Lest We Forget

Our JT is really bringing the Sexy back!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

(Not So Secret) Music Loves

When I think of the public persona I have carefully crafted (HA) I find that I really enjoy certain artists that just feel like they shouldn't belong. But if these guys are wrong, I do not want to be right.

Pink - totally rocks, especially this album.

Bromance? Man crush? Don't forget, JT did bring the sexy back.
And of course the biggest of them all. They are the bestest!!
Unfortunately I couldn't talk the rest of the Elder's Quorum to see Mama Mia for movie night, so we saw Hellboy 2 instead.

Updated the Links

Updated my links on the sidebar. Generally speaking they will let you know what sites I am checking at least daily. My blog gives me quick access to them all in one place.

If you are a family or friend who would like to be added just let me know.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life Lesson #67

If you are going to romantically kiss your spouse on the arm, you should take the time to make sure she hasn't rubbed their arms with this.

Nice Photo

This was taking at 11:30am as a storm was coming in. It got dark really fast and lasted until 5pm.

In Honor of ...

THIS POST, I thought I would share this picture of a squirrel that was taking a nap on the road in front of our house.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gunnar - Boy Genius

This is Gunnar.
Can I use one of those hat things to wash my Red Sox Cap?
This is what we found when we opened the...

Pure Genius. Be jealous with your below average children.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Call me a Prude, but...

There has been a lot of talk about the "Redneckish" dinner we attended on Saturday. Eating in the drive isn't what bothered me. I just cannot believe I was the only one who felt awkward about this!

Random Items

The weather was really nice today and it was going to be sunny all day; so the bike lot was practically stuffed. This is the most I have seen all year.

Here is the 25th penny.Pictures that look dirty but are not. This was an accidental non-aiming mega zoom of a girls shins right as her dress hit them. Totally looks like a mini-skirt.
These are my thighs of course.

True Stories From My Life

Me: Lisa have you seen my photo card reader?
Lisa: Have you looked in the desk.
Me: There is one in the desk that looks like mine.
Lisa: That one is mine.
Me: Really it looks like mine. Is yours blue.
Lisa: Yeah. They look alike but your card won't work in mine.
Me: Oh.

Then I continue to look for the card for 10 more days.
That is until Lisa needs her card reader.

Me: I put yours in the desk.
Lisa: Thanks.

And then she comes back with this:

Look at these two together.
Do they even look remotely related?? Ten days I looked!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cenneidigh's Baptism

My girls on the big day,
And one of Shawn and Lily I took that I like.

Lost Culture - Shazbot

I was thinking about the kids at swimming lessons the other day and it reminded me about something that my friends and I would always try at least once every time we were in the water. We would always attempt to be like Patrick Duffy and swim like the Man from Atlantis. Kids never do that anymore.

It got me to thinking about what else we are losing unless steps are taken. Never do we see kids jumping off benches in mock slo-mo while making nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh sounds.**Little known fact, my dad and Steve Austin were both in the OSI.
Of course we never see kids trying to sit on their head, drink with there finger, or make a V with their fingers and shake hands while saying Nanu Nanu.
For all of you who grew up in England; kids don't buy the candy cigarettes and try to throw them into you mouth while saying "Sids not here". (Sadly I learned Kenny Everett died in 1995 while looking this up)

Please share anything else you can think of that the kids today are going to miss out on.

Yeah I Know

I have been sick and it has been an incredibly long two weeks with family, the fourth, Cenny's birthday and baptism.
The good news is I found two more pennies making it a grand total of 26 cents