Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Is All True – Keep looking!!

When I saw this headline:

Fired prosecutor denies leaking Doll House info

It totally made me think of the new Josh Whedon show on
Fox. I have been watching it on Hulu and while it is okay, I haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid yet.

I wonder if FOX paid the Salt Lake Tribune to write the headline that way, or at least the writer is a fan of the show.


Heather said...

I wondered if the show was any good. I saw it on Hulu and thought maybe I would watch it if I couldn't find anything better. Luckily, I haven't found anything that didn't sound better than that.

Lena said...

My husband and I watch Doll House, and I was not convinced for the first couple episides, but it is good enough to get me to watch the rest of the season. I am not thrilled with Elisha Dushku's (sp)acting abilities, I just keep seeing her from Bring it On.

TStevens said...

I am liking the show well enough, but it is not yet a must see thing.

I don't mind Elisha'a acting skill, amd just not convinced that a 90lb girl can really unload a can of whup ass on a well muscled guy. I just don't think her punches would havethat much behind them. I understand she may know how to throw a punch correctly, but you can't "think" power.

Of course, I amn just overthinking a TV show.

Randy said...

Watched the first two episodes tonight. A few inconsistencies but generally good. I'll watch a few more episodes. I did appreciate the line about democrats as she loaded the gun.

TStevens said...

I agree with that RAndy. I like it probably for the reason it hasn't been bad. That doesn't mean it has been good though and I must see it.