Monday, March 9, 2009

Unimtentionally Funny - The best kind

Queens of fundraising / These men don't drag their heels when it comes tosupporting causes

A gay comedy quartet based in Utah is performing a drag queen routine to raise money for the local gay & lesbian teen center. Good for them I say because if anywhere needs a place for gay teens to feel safe and hang out it is Utah. But in the article they are asked how it is going in Utah, given the states very strong LDS presence and influence – any repercussions? Group leader Don Steward’s response is classically ironic:
"The LDS faith is not a monolith. Members are more flexible than the national media would have us believe."
"It's not like the Baptists down South. Religion is much more intrusive in those states. The LDS Church just lets you know where it stands; it doesn't really get in there and micromanage like the Baptists do.”
Nothing like refuting one stereotype by using another one. I am sure his intentions were innocent, but it is very funny all the same. No matter who you are, minority group or not, bigotry is still present if you look.
**Please note, picture is not of group member. Real images and video can be found at linked news story.
**Please also note, the guy in the picture I did use looks fabulous.

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