Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two Down, One To Go

The Confusion
by Neal Stephenson
Book II of The Baroque Cycle

Massive in size and massive in detail. As I have mentioned I finally committed to reading this 2700+ page three book series after avoiding it for years. Lisa asks me why I would read something I would avoid. On the surface I realize that it doesn't make sense, but Stephenson's books are so detailed and rich there is no such thing as skimming them; and they are not an easy read. It is work, but also very rewarding. The cost of that commitment is the realization of all the things I can't be reading, like the quick and easy stories, like the new John Grisham, which take me a day or two to get through. Grisham equals a one hour TV drama, Stephenson is a mutli-day mini series.
Anyways I finished book two today having reached the turning point on Monday. The turning point is in a really long book where I have read enough pages I want to charge to the finish. Prior to that I am usually just trying to read to a page goal for the day. I have been picking up books every time I have gone to the library while reading this, and now I literally have 16 books on my nightstand to read before starting book 3.

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