Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am supposed to be indignant

but I am secretly proud.

Whenever we have discrete pieces of meat like steak or chops, Lisa has me cut it all up and evenly distribute it among the kids plates. Lisa and I of course get a whole piece and our own knives, fan-bloody-tastic, I know. As the years have gone by Gunnar has graduated to his own chop and just recently so has Qatar. Qatar is having trouble learning how to hold a knife and fork correctly to cut meat, but we all have to learn sometime. Anyways over dinner we have this conversation:

Qatar: I really like my meat hard.


Good parenting*

*please note the opinions are the blogger's and definitely do not reflect said blogger's wife. At least not in public.


Heather said...

Funny every time no matter who says it!

Paigie said...

aside from Gunnar's excellent comedic timing, what is wrong with Qatar he likes tough meat?

TStevens said...

I believe Qatar's intention was he likes getting the whole chop and cutting it himself.

Samsmama said...