Friday, March 27, 2009

How Was Your Day?

My kids never do homework and they never clean up. All their book bags seem to used for is toting lunches and the odd scrap of paper back and forth from the school. So when I cam home for lunch today they were all home due to a half day, and they had just dumped their backpacks right in the middle of the entry way floor. So I go to kick Qatar's bag out of the way only to learn for the first time in 12 years he actually brought a school book home for the weekend. I think I have a broken toe.

The power steering pump in my truck broke - AGAIN. That was a $500 repair just 2 months ago. The truck is drivable, but it has to be repaired.

Then I drop Lisa and the younger kids off at a local elementary school carnival and then race across town to pick up Gunnar so he can go work at the fair. And by race across town I mean to say I did 40 in a 30 zone. I am pretty sure that was my speed - at least that is what the cop and his radar gun said. He was kind enough to write it down for me. So now on Monday I have to call the court house a find out what my fine will be - oh joy. My first ticket in 15 years and now I have to go five years to get it off my record.
You know what - to paraphrase the Great Uncle Leo above - It is all Anti-Mormonism at work**!! It's a conspiracy.
**Please Note I know it wasn't anti-mormonism - but it's REALLY FUN to blame it on that. I know in my heart of hearts, it's all George W. Bush's fault.

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