Friday, March 27, 2009

And You Ain't Getting No Fries Either!

A coworker and I were talking today, not just any coworker mind you, but the one I have worked with the longest in my life (10 years), and she shared the most awesome story. So awesome in fact that I wish it had happened to me because I would have telling whenever it seemed remotely related to anything.
In high school she had a job working the drive thru window at a Dairy Queen when an adult (she stressed that it wasn't a teenager, but an over 40) pulls up and asks if she can warm up his burger that he had purchased at a McDonalds earlier. She looked at him and said NO. He then proceeded to rear back and THROW said burger through the window where it landed on the floor of the kitchen. Then the guy demanded that she give it back. She again said No. So he drove off in a huff.

The real question here is how can you know somebody for TEN BLOODY YEARS and not have shared that story already?!?!?!?!?!?

Please Note that I tried to find a picture of a guy throwing a burger through a drive-thru window - any brand - but gave up the quest when I found this fantastic burger bed. This thing is a babe magnet. I would totally be saying "Do you want a pickle with that" EVERY time Lisa and I went to bed.


meredith said...

yuck David, Lisa's parents read this blog you know!!!!!

Shawn's comment? When is David going to write a book?

Samsmama said...

If that happened to me, I'm pretty sure I'd introduce myself that way. Because that's just too awesome.

And that bed rocks!