Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not secure in my masculinity

Remember When

by Nora Roberts & JD Robb

Nora Roberts is one of those writers who produces such a large volume of work it was necessary to use several names so as not to dilute the brand. Now that she is a famous best-selling author all these connections can be made public, hence JD Robb is in fact Nora Roberts. Now I knew all this when I began the JD Robb series – future NYC cop Eve Dallas and her band of friends solve gruesome murders in the 2050’s – but was okay with it. Even though I have read all 28 of the regular books I have since learned that she wrote a joint book as both authors, the first half takes place in the past, and the finale involving the grandkids in the future.
This took me about two weeks to finish mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to carry a Nora Roberts book into my work break room. So I just read it a little bit at a time at night. Anyways, it was very good asusual and the basic plot involves stolen diamonds and the murder and mayhem used in an attempt to retrieve them. The Robb series is great and can be read independently, but for best results in understanding all the relationships start at the beginning, Naked in Death.
Best part is the Author’s note on the back cover. Nora Roberts and JD Robb share a house in Maryland, a husband, and a website that you can visit at

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