Wednesday, March 18, 2009

True Crime

The Year we Disappeared

by Cylin & John Busby

This is a true story of a young Falmouth police officer, his family, and how they dealt with a horrific attempt on his life. Back in the 1970's Falmouth had a local bad buy and bully who had ties throughout the community. It was generally understood that him and his family were untouchable, except John Busby didn't see it that way. After arresting the brother on assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon among other charges, they tried to kill him with a shotgun. They managed to literally blow off his jaw, but he survived. The book was interesting and really showed a family dealing with stress. It is unfulfilling to the reader to see the non-effort put forth to solve the case, so I can't imagine the pent-up anger Mr. Busby must feel.

Go Here for a great newscast/review of the story.

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