Friday, September 26, 2008

Have You Met

LISA: Why won't my password work in this stupid computer.
ME (being extra manly): Let me see... Well for a start there is a G in Cenneidigh and Gunnar is spelled with an A.

To be fair Lisa is the big 39 today, the memory is one of the first things to go.

He is my favourite author for a reason

Just finished Ian Rankin's latest book Exit Music. Rankin is one of those rare authors who get better with every book he has written. The John Rebus series is incredible, and if you are looking for a place to start I would suggest Black and Blue, which is about a third of the way into the series. He really starts coming into his own by then.

I cannot recommend this author or book any more highly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

T-Shirt Awesomeness!!!

Only $14 at Busted Tees if someone wants to get it for me.

Cenny is the true genius

Cenny (outloud to the room):Hey these shows are the same!

Yes, yes they are.

Stop This Ride, I Don't Feel Good

I was looking for a good point and shoot game for the Wii m- because I am a guy and that's what we do. Anyways I had heard good things about Call of Duty 3 and decided to rent it first. Good thing I didn't listen to Lisa who was insisting I shouldn't waste the 3 dollars if the game was only 20 dollars; but my good sense prevailed. I played for a little over an hour when I noticed how much I was sweating, then I noticed the extreme nausea. I turned of the game and went to bed and I still felt sick the next morning.

No Wii games for me!!

Two Storytellers

I just finished A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. I really love his books because he puts together a good story. I figure if any of his novels were made into movies the special effects budget would be minimal. Anyways, this is a modern retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo , which is compelling due to the fact Mr. Archer himself spent several years in prison (for perjury). Great book, great writing.

The other book I read was An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris. I found the concept and the actual story fantastic, but her writing was a little to stilted for my taste. That and the sex was abrupt and seemed a little forced, and the whole is it incest or not seemed like it was only there for the sake of controversy. Anotherwords the story would be fine without it. Overall the books she writes are quite short (approximately 200 pages) and the actual book size was smaller than normal, making it a quick read. Given the strength of the story coupled with its size, I will be reading the rest of the series and her other books as well. ***She, the hero, was struck by lightning as a teen and can now sense dead bodies and what their last moments were like - not ghost, but rather the actual body resonates with her. Think missing person location.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am embarrassed for his parents.

I was teaching what would become my last Sunday school lesson when suddenly the door was ripped open. A member of the primary presidency flung a little boy into the room, whispered yelled that "he could sit here until he could be good", and than stomped off. As the door slowly shut and Lisa was gone, and the entire adult class was gazing at poor little JT: I announced that I felt embarrassed for his parents.

First Time This Has Been Done

I was teaching adult Sunday school and I successfully referenced this book with Helaman 13:38 in the Book of Mormon.

I was referring to the part that says "for ye have sought all the days of your lives for that which ye could not obtain; and ye have sought for happiness in doing iniquity". If you have ever read the above book it becomes quite clear Ms. Jameson is trying to prove that she did find happiness, but yet it doesn't take long to realize she didn't. Especially when you know shortly after the book came out her marriage that was so great and understanding fell apart. In the end I just felt sorry for her.

Now I did not use names and I did not mention specific iniquities, I just put it out that we as a people are generally trying to do the same thing, justifying our iniquities and protesting that we are indeed happy, when in truth we are not. I thought it quite good, but nevertheless i was immediately fired from the teaching job as soon as church was over.

Oh well***

***NOTE: before anybody gets up in arms (which I doubt) the firing and the lesson were not related - I have a new calling as of six weeks ago and was just helping out until the replacement could be found, but the juxtaposition was just to awesome to pass up.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So wrong even I am a little disturbed

I am a very happy person overall, and that is mainly due to the various tricks I use to amuse myself. Yes that's right - I am an admitted self-amuser.When I put phone numbers into my cell I like to use nicknames so every time I get a call I get a cheap laugh. So my sister in law calls and of course I see it identified as Booty Call #5 (he he).

But then something totally wrong happened. I answered it and my BROTHER in law says "Hey, where are you?"

NEVER call me using that phone! NEVER!!

Boston Be Damned

I will not be told who I can and cannot put pictures of on my blog. You can't control me. So here it is and I do not care who sees it.

Why I am not CEO yet

It is all Lisa's FAULT!!

Survey says - men whose wives kiss them good-bye in the morning will earn a higher salary than their non-kissed counterparts.

Actual untouched picture of the one time Lisa kissed me good-byeTypical morning
Me: Hey Lisa, do you love me?
Lisa: Yes
Me: So you are going to get up and see me off.
Lisa: Makes snore sounds and pretends to be deaf.


A Nutless Monkey Could Do Your Job!

This movie had more quotes than Austin Powers. Totally awesome mandate with Eric.

But it gets better, given this is a small town and it is in its 4th week of release, we had the theatre to ourselves.

Trailer Here

Fun Facts for Fathers

Not really, I was just going for the alliteration,
If you loved Traffic, and I know you did, you will need to see this book. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely is a great book looking at why we make bad (irrational) decisions, but making them with alarming predictability. For example people are more likely to steal if the object we take is removed from money. Most of us have no problem taking a pen home from work, but we would not take the $2 the pen is worth out of the petty cash box. All kinds of interesting little studies and experiments are presented, many things I am sure most of us are doing. To learn more about the author or the book; or to even participate in some online versions of his studies go to his web-site and sign on.

One Of My Regulars

I have read everything by Harlan Coben.
The Woods is another excellent book. Quick to read and highly entertaining.
If interested I also recommend his Myron Bolitar books, the detective sports agent.

More Fun

All jokes aside, this is actually true. Parents start your kids as soon as possible. Heather - don't wait!! The baby can receive it n utero.

Retro Awesomeness!!

The beatings will resume if the soup stops coming!!

found through BCC

Channeling Cher (Horowitz)

Before Church:

Cenny: Can I use the digital camera?
Us: Why.
Cenny: I need to pick an outfit for church and need to take pictures (of her in various outfits).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm a Girl, part 2

This Charming Man by Marian Keyes is a great book. While I will admit I am not in her demographic I discovered her books by accident many years ago and I love them. Chick Lit to be sure, but it is excellent chick lit. I read everything she writes as soon as it comes out.

NOTE: I found her books when I went through a phase of reading UK centered fiction about 30 somethings. I also started reading Sophie Kinsella at the same time.

TV Shows are too farfetched!

There is no way a guys like this would ever get a girls like that.
Totally Fake!


Oh wait. Nevermind.

If you know someone: And I know you do!

My Stoke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor is an amazing little book. Jill is a neuroanatomist (brain scientist) at Harvard when at the age of 37 she suffered a severe stroke. Over the next 8 years she slowly recovered. Using her knowledge of the brain, and her now hard earned special insights she relates in a relatively easy terms what it is like to have a stroke, to recover, and what we can do as friends and relatives to help that person. It is a wonderful book and well worth the read if you know anyone who has had a stroke and are lost on what to do or how to interact.

Highly recommended!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It Is A Miracle From God

Lisa and I like to lift the weights and consequently we pay our local YMCA over $50 a month to use their facilities. Today we made the decision after two years of doing this (4-6 times a week) that we were going to invest in our own equipment and build a home gym. We spent our lunch hour cruising the Craigslist and pricing different benches, racks, and weights. Figuring we had several good leads I went back to work. We have an online bulletin board at work and not 2 minutes before going home I checked
it. Something new had popped up on the To Give away board, a Gold's Gym XR5.I called the lady at home and she said she still had it and I could pick it up on the way home.


I show up and it is brand new, most of the parts are still in the original packaging. The older couple let me know that it had been in the house when they bought it. As far as they can figure the previous person had bought it and could not work out the assembly instructions (to be fair they look more confusing than a copy of Bill Clinton's deposition). The original price is over $250 dollars and we got it for free.

I am pretty sure that is the Lord blessing us for hanging our own drywall rather than spitting on the feet of Dave Ramsey and paying someone else to do the work.

It's All Good

Or is it?

The Testament of Gideon Mack is an excellent book which discusses whether doing good in of itself is good enough. Gideon is the story of a Scottish kid who grows up to follow his father's footsteps and becomes a minister, while at the same time professing (to himself) that he really does not believe in God. He tries to forget this contradiction by throwing himself into good works and generally being a helpful person.

After several tragedies and mistakes he finds himself flung down an underground river and certain death, but at his moment of despair he is rescued by Satan. The result is he finally believes in something and then everyone he knows rejects him. It reminds me a lot of church life wherein people believe being good on the outside is more important than being good (or honest) on the inside. I am not sure if that was James Robertson's goal, but it is part of what I got from it.

Worth the read. NOTE: Currently going for the bargain price of $5.99 at Amazon.

Deep Doctrine with JT

JT and I were hanging out at church waiting for the Court of Honor to begin. He notices this painting:JT: When you go to heaven you get to wear flip flops. Cool!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Large Vocabulary, Great Conversationalist

Thanks to my comprehensive reading program, especially among foreign literature, I was able to add vital details to an important meeting at work.

Co-worker: Marketing said .... Well pardon my French, but that is a load of sh@t.
Me: Actually in French that would be a load of Merde

Who's Awesome???

I am the Merdizzle!

Dirty Quotes Out of Context

"I am blowing on this wood and I can't get it up"

Of course they were talking about a fire at the camp out.

Feelin' Alright

This book was fan-bloody-tastic! Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) by Tom Vanderbilt is a nonfiction book talking about traffic patterns and it was fascinating. One of the best books of the year from my reading easily.

Learned about it here. This site highlights kids books, non-fiction general interest, and religious books. Very concise reviews.

Who's Awesome?

My Current Screen Backdrop

Monday, September 8, 2008

On a Reading Rampage

I for one am blaming the new VP candidate and her sexy librarian look,

I read the mainstream The Appeal by John Grisham. I figure I have read all his other books so I am sort of committed. I have noticed that with quite a few of his books he gets quite political and this one is no different. It should be read in Conjunction with the King of Torts. Basically you come away with the Tort law needs to be reformed, but it does not just need global restrictions. I cannot remember if he has written the third book in which he depicts the fake victim who is just trying to rip off the wealthy corporation. He also delves into how modern elections are essentially bought, which I totally believe about all political parties. If you like Grisham, then it is worth the read. My main flaw is one I have had for a while with his writing. He builds and builds, and then he just ends it as quick as possible. He spends all the time getting there, but not the extra 50 or so pages to explore it.
Winning through Intimidation by Robert Ringer is an older business book which basically lays out three type of people who you can do business with. Those who are out to take advantage of you, those who will say they are not out to get you but really are, and finally those who really believe they are not out to get you so will feel a little bad when they screw you over. A little cynical but does contain a lot of truth. It is the person most intimidated in a business exchange (the one who is most unsure of himself) who comes off worse. If you can arrange things in your favor, than you will be the intimidator rather than the intimidatee. Do not be put off by the title, it contains a lot of valuable information.

Yeah, He was Serious

Me: Check out my Freebird tie - my in-laws got it in Romania.
Wayne: My tie is from Polynesia.

Flips tie over and starts to read

Wayne: Oh wait, it is made OUT of polyester.