Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday’s Workout

Did some sit-up sets and some Roman Chair sets (for back – not sure what the actual name of exercise is). Got on rowing machine for 1500 meters in 6:45.2. I kept throwing in several sprints based on time, like 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds rest. Next time I will go for 3000 meters and do 100 meter sprints, as it would seem to work out better. Followed up with 10 minutes on the Nordic Track with tabata intervals. Overall, a great and fast workout.

Monday’s Workout

I am cycling through another workout phase (I rotate various plans so not to become stagnant). Since I haven’t done anything over the last few weeks due to illness, I started out fairly light. Anyway, I am looking to do 8-12 reps of ten different exercise variations. They are to be done at a controlled rate with good form, and just one set per exercise. Basically it is a quick (30 minute), three day a week, total body routine. It should be a good one to get me through the upcoming holidays and into the New Year. I will change it up then. The ten exercises are bench, rows, pull-ups, overhead press, squats, biceps, triceps, lunges, deadlifts, and deltoids. For example, on benches I can choose flat, incline, or decline; and I could use either barbells or dumbbells. On the latter I could do two or one arm variations. So every workout will be different. I follow up with some interval training for 20 minutes. On my off days, Tuesdays & Thursdays, I can do more interval training and my core work (abdominals). It sounds complicated, but it is actually pretty easy.

So anyway, here is Monday. I went lighter rather than heavier, and some exercises I went to twenty reps until I stopped. That means I went too light and will have to adjust next time. These are not in order:
Flat Bench, barbell, 135#’s (9 reps)
Row, DB, 20(20)
Chin-up 100ast(5) – I am really weak here L
Standing Military Press, BB, 95(10)
Front Squat 95(12)
Standing Curl, BB, 50(20)
Triceps Cable Pull down, 80(20)
Lunges, DB, 30 (13ea)
Deads, BB, 155(20)
Side Raises, 10(25)

I finished on the treadmill with 5 minute warm-up, Repeated intervals of 1 minute fast, 2 minutes at warm-up pace, and a short cool-down.

Felt good, but very tired that night. Fell asleep at 9pm.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Where Have I Been

After finally recovering from the softball tournament, I had to go to a food labeling conference up in St. Paul. One of my coworkers in the car had a cold and spent the trip hacking away. The combined 3 hour car ride was too much. Just a few days later I came down with a nasty cold. The last two weeks has just been a task to get up and go to work. Anyways, I am hoping to get back to the gym again on Monday. It will be a task after two weeks off, especially the getting up at 4:45 am.

Corporate Softball Tournament

I signed up to play on my division’s team last Saturday. Now I played a lot of baseball back in the day, but that was over 20 years ago. So I went with 2 goals in mind. Not to hurt or embarrass myself. I think I did pretty good on both of those goals over the four games we played (we went 1-3). I made a lot of good catches including two great ones (crash the fence variety), and I made a few hits. The few errors I made were lost in the sea of errors that all of us made collectively. As for injuries I got one bruise on my palm from trying to distract the SS from turning the double play. He wasn’t distracted and he winged it, hitting me in the hand. Otherwise it was the walk of the dead on Sunday as I had to take Advil just to get out of bed. Now it is Tuesday and I have taken the last two days off from the gym and I am finally moving around without soreness. Overall it was a good time.

A Review

So I met with the counselor in the Stake Presidency. Here is the twenty minute interview condensed down for easy reading; and yes I am paraphrasing a little.
SPC: How you doing?
Me: Okay.
SPC: Well the SP thought I should ask if I came here; no reason. So see you.

And that was it. Very troubling. Either I have done something very wrong; so wrong I didn’t even realize it. Or they are feeling me out for something more and I am about to get really busy. I don’t know though. I had a beard at the interview and I try to wear coloured shirts to church. I even mention The Gospel of Judas in my Adult Sunday school class. What else can a guy do?