Friday, March 13, 2009

I Read it for the cover


By Jerry Spinelli,

I see this Book on CD when I am at the library and have always found the cover art to be intriguing. Typically I have considered checking it out, but something else always seems a little more interesting. But this last week I had a 14 hour drive for business (7 hours each way), and since I needed several books I finally got it. At roughly 5 hours long it is a beautiful tale about the stress of high school (and on a larger scale, life), the pressure to fit in, and the joy in just being yourself. It is the story of a new girl at school, her uniqueness of spirit, and the boy who wasn’t quite strong enough to love her. There is a sense of regret at the end, but I believe there is a sequel I need to read. Maybe he addresses that, but then again real life always has a little regret.

Of Interest, the late John Ritter is the reader on the audio book. I think it must be nice for his children to still have their dad read to them as they grow up.

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