Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Baby

Our cousins in town just had a new baby, their fourth (third boy). Even though this isn't him I can sure see this as his look.

Church Death Watch - RED ALERT

The Elder's Quorum President has announced he is moving to the next town (thus ward) over come June first. There are only 5 of us Elders and one of them has already been EQP. Ordinarily I wouldn't be concerned because it has been made more than clear to me in the past that I am not the EQP type. At the moment though I am in the best calling I have ever had in my entire church life; so we all know what that means!!!

But worse than this news is the current guy's wife is the Primary President!

I Am Getting Old

Because the vision is definitely going!! Here is the eye test chart for men.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


If you have not seen Thunderpants, you have not lived. It is a moving story of a young man who feels worthless, but through his friendship with a boy genius (played by a very young Rupert Grint) he discovers his secret talents and saves the space program.

His special talent?? He has a genetic defect of two stomachs which causes him to pass enormous amounts of gas. Yes, his farts save the world.

Also present in this flatulent masterpiece is Josh Herdman (Greg Goyle) again type cast as the bully. If you watch carefully you can even see Keira Knightly as an extra with one line.

Thunderpants - to see it is to love it. My only regret is I didn't see it last week, because if I had Parker would so have a different name.

Just for Fun

Parker against a black sheet - just imagine this with the lights low and it is a wonder he doesn't get stepped on a lot.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

This Minnesota LIfe

Driving past the Frisbee Golf park (yes we have two 18 hole courses here), we saw two guys out on the several feet of snow carrying a snow shovel and getting a round in.

Audrey Hepburn's Neck

Another of my random shelf picks from the other day. The story of a young Japanese guy from up north who moves to Tokyo and leaves his troubled family life behind. Quite readable but the overall plot was weak. Alan Brown built up to a big reveal only to spend a few pages on it. It seemed he had a deep message to share, but lacked the energy to actually tell it.

If you want a quick read that discusses Japanese life somewhat, then it is for you.

Parker on Pink Background

Because Parker is so dark I have had complaints that he is really hard to see. So we set up a pink sheet to get these four photos.

Embedded Link Test

I find this blog funny (most of the time)

Parker P Picture Test

Very dark and very hard to see. But it is just a test.