Monday, November 3, 2008

The World Gone Crazy!

We were at a friend's house for after fast dinner and all the men (plus my oldest two) were in the basement playing Rock Band, and all the women were upstairs talking. Maybe I am just an old crank, but I think Rock Band is one of the biggest waste of time ever created - I just don't get it at all. This poster says it all.

So I go upstairs and after a while Lisa decides to get the kids off the game so we can go home. After a few minutes all of us upstairs hear Lisa belting the below song as loud as she can.

About 30 minutes later she turns up and states "That game really rocks!"

Am I the only sane man left in America?


shawn said...

Not the only sane man, just not taking it seriously enough.

or trying hard enough

(take the time to get past the first two minutes - it's completely worth the wait.)

shawn said...

And pay special attention to the last two paragraphs on page 3.

I'm not alone in my fantasy fulfilment, and an just glad that I have an outlet to satisfy a childhood dream that I know will never come to pass in "the real world".

Nessa said...

Yes, you are the only sane one left...glad you finally figured that out!

meredith said...

At least it wasn't dungeon and dragons!!!