Friday, November 21, 2008


5 Outlets
5 Fixtures

4 Three Way Switches 1 Circuit I am skilled enough at electrical (in my own mind) that I run the wires and finish the drywall before I hook up the power, basically like someone who knows what they are doing. The risk is if you screwed up somewhere you might have to ruin your drywall to fix it. So I hooked up all the power on Monday and when I turned it on the circuit breaker automatically tripped. I thought I might have messed up the three ways (a 3-way switch is where two switches control one light - most people have them at the top and bottom of their stairs) because I had four of them and they are a bit tricky. I spent a few hours diagramming it out and concluded I got it right. I took today off work to run through everything, check each of my hook-ups, and install a new circuit breaker. First power-up and everything worked like a charm. Whatever the problem, I fixed it with my 4 hour run through the entire circuit. Secretly I am so relieved, because tearing out drywall would have totally SUCKED.


Heather said...

Sorry, Randy is THE KING if you ask me. He beat you out by many light switches and about a dozen outlets as well as the electrical for an outside air ventilation thingy. I guess you are pretty cool though, for second place that is.

TStevens said...

This is circuit number four in this house and my second house total!! And these were 3-ways!

Randy is geordie, I am Scotty

meredith said...

Shawn's the king and we all know it. don't you remember his perfect fixtures in your last house?
And after Shawn is Edward. Because the movie Rocked. enough said.