Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Fun Book that is so much more

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

Neil Strauss was not very good with women and undertook a writing assignment to learn more about this underground society of guys who whole goal was to pick-up as many women as possible. Using his usual light and fast writing style he conveys his experiences of learning to be whatever it took to meet women. If his book is to believed (and I ave some doubts about how accurate it is) he became one of the best within a year. Beyond the female conquests, this book is an incredible primer of personal interaction, sales, and closing the deal. It has taken a supposed low chance activity (getting a good looking woman you just met to have sex with you) and broken it down to individual steps and then analyzed all possible solutions to just move to the next level. I t also goes into rejection and patience.

So what did this book keep reminding me of? Missionary work. I kept thinking back to the things that really helped me a s a missionary, and the stuff that holds me back now. The personal psychology put forward in this book is tremendous. Well worth the read for anyone who wants to improve their interactions with women, men , or even children. The principles are the same.

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