Saturday, November 29, 2008

Even I had thought she could make it longer**

When she who must be obeyed and I were in Target yesterday, she mentioned that they were now selling fleece sheets and then not so subtley directed our cart over to them. Luckily they had a set in the size and color we needed. She casually mentioned I could wrap them for Christmas and we continued shopping. The rest of the time in the store she would mention the sheets and not 20 minutes later we were at the cash register and she states it would be silly to wait. It was already cold here and we needed to use them now. Guess what alledged Christmas gift we slept in last night?
This is how the world would dress if Lisa had her way.

**That's what she said!


Lisa said...

We would all be warm and cozy allthe time, it sounds great to me. The sheets are so warm and soft, much better then flannel.

meredith said...

Don't you guys have a heated mattress pad? Those are fabulous. Also, great job Lisa, I'm proud of you for hitting the stores for round 2!

Nessa said...

Who needs fleece sheets...really I'm waiting for them to sell fleece wallpaper...Lisa could rub against it like a cat with a scratching post!

Heather said...

Kelly: "Dwight get out of my nook!"

Pam (on the phone): "Ooh, THAT"S WHAT SHE SAID! THAT"S WHAT SHE SAID!"