Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now I get it, I am an...

Unmitigated Racist!!

I overheard this at work (the cleaning crew that comes in at night)
Young Guy: How about Obama!? A landslide.
Older Guy: It wasn't a landslide.
YG: What do you mean.
OG: The south voted for McCain and the North for Obama.
TG: OMG, are they still having a problem with that? They can't let go that they lost the civil war; I mean it was what - 200 years ago?
OG: Yeah
YG: They are all a bunch of racists!
OG: Yeah

As I was dealing with having my eyes truly opened they moved on to this:

OG: I will say that kid needs to separate himself from Oprah now he won.
YG: Why?
OG: Do you want OPRAH in the White House??
YG: No Way!


Heather said...

It feels weird to be considered a racist.

CrazyBrideCrazyWife said...

Isn't Florida in the South? I consider Virginia the South also though I suppose it's a bit North for that .. and Missouri and North Carolina were both to close to call - I guess they are only half racist?

What idiots ....