Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Story of My Life

Seven years ago I had a small skin cancer on my nose that was surgically removed. Consequently I have to go to the dermatologist every year for a complete skin check. This basic procedure is just like it sounds; you strip to your skivvies and the Doctor gets up close and personal scrutinizing every inch of your body. It is a time for you to contemplate every bad piece of food you have eaten, every push-up not done, every shoulder hair not removed. Basically every flabby and gross thing about your body is front and center. Typically I get a guy that looks like this:
Some old dude who you know at your worse you look better than they do. Due to scheduling problems I ended up getting an appointment at the Mayo Clinic instead of my local medical center. I have been so busy at work I had no chance to dehair the back, and I was no where near removing the usual pudge, but I thought who cares; it will be the usual.

So there I was practically naked on the table when in walks this:

Well, obviously this wasn't her, but she was really close and so could have worked that outfit. To make matters worse whe was a real touchie-feelie. One and only time I have a real hot Doctor and I show up like this:

Story of my life.

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Randy said...

Can you make me an Appointment? Anytime, I'l make it work.