Monday, November 3, 2008

Testimony is where you find it.

When ever I hear this song I think of that powerful moment when Brigham Young bore testimony in Nauvoo and everyone recognized him as the prophet; both as Joseph and as the next prophet.

Because this is the first Album AC/DC made after the untimely death of their lead singer Bon Scott. Maybe in his own prophetic moment, Scott had seen the future lead singer Brian Johnson and told Agnus that if anything happened to him they should replace him with Johnson. They did and then wrote the song Back in Black as a tribute to the late Bon Scott. When fans first heard the song they all thought they were hearing the voice of Scott singing from the grave.

Which brings us back to Brigham Young replacing Joseph Smith who had his own untimely early death. And the people swearing they saw and heard their beloved prophet one more time speaking from the grave.

So as I killed time last Sunday between PEC and Sacrament with my IPod, I had my own little testimony meeting in the lobby with the boys from Australia.

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