Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Washington DC

As Lisa mentioned I have been spending the last three days at our nations capitol at a GMA conference all about Food Labeling. Believe it or not it has been very interesting - consistent food labels and Nutrition Facts just don't happen on their own people!!
National Christmas Tree

Tonight was the first free time I really had so I managed to get down to the monument and the White House. The Bushes wanted to discuss my reading of the Sittenfeld book but I wasn't feeling well so I begged off. Seriously though, what up with security? I was walking by the fence when I decided to head back to the hotel and I had to go pass a check point that said people with passes only could go through. The odd thing was I was going out not in - how did I get in to begin with?? (it was an unmanned station so I do not think it was that much of a risk).

I have been staying at the Henley Park Hotel and I must say it is very nice, a lot nicer than the usual chain hotel I normally stay at. As a plus it is right next door to the Cato Institute, so I have been over to get my political wheels aligned, so to speak. Well I need to get to bed soon as I need to catch the Metro at 6:30am tomorrow to get to the airport.

Finally, can I just say how much I miss living in a city - I love it here!! Evrything is bigger and better, for example other cities may have car chases, here in DC we had a Semi Chase, and the postal worker who got stabbed in the chest - she dialed 911 herself, then passed out. Plus it is going to be in the 60's tomorrow - I wonder how warm home will be? All kidding aside - I really do love city living.

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