Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fact or Fiction

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld takes a few facts from the life of Laura Bush and a whole lot of fictional creativity and gives you the story of Alice, a small town girl who became a elementary school librarian and eventually the first lady. The facts include the traffic accident in high school that killed another student, the rich immature husband with a drinking problem who is an unlikely president, and a strong willed and in charge mother in law. I wonder how much of this book has some basis in truth (which would require me to read an official Laura Bush biography) and I can never look at Barbara Bush the same again (regardless of how much is true).

Anyways, despite the similarities - you cannot read this and not think of Laura Bush, it is a good story. But given its story, liberals complain it makes the Bushes likable and it does, and conservatives complain it creates too much fiction and invades their privacy (the fictional couple get it on - in detail on occasion) and it definitely does.

Finally it does portray what a public life is really like. At least that is what people who know say; so if you want too know what a political life costs you personally, read this before you put your name on the ballot.

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