Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Turn Your Head and Cough

Since I am closing in on the big 40 I thought I should have a few health markers to determine if I am doing alright. I made a quick list of ten items that would be good indicators of my overall well being.

The first five are somewhat medical in nature.
1. Blood Pressure - my goal to be under 120/80 (Currently No)
2. Lipid Profile - I have this done annually thanks to my crappy genetics.
Goal HDL +40, LDL less 150, Triglycerides less 300 (currently No)
3. Body Fat Percent - Less than 25% (Currently a big no)
4. Waist measurement - 36 inches (currently 39)
5. Not as important as 3 & 4, but BMI of 24 (that would make me 200#'s)

The next 5 are more physical - Not currently meeting any of them
6. Bodyweight Squats - 50 under 2 minutes
7. Bodyweight Push-ups - 50 under 2 minutes
8. Bodyweight Pull-ups - 10 under 2 minutes
9. 3 Mile Run - less than 30 minutes
10. The photo test - photo in swimsuit

If I can meet most if not all of these by my fortieth this summer, well I think I will have a chance at getting even older. My physical will be this August, I hope you all will join me on my quest.


Lena said...

Good luck!

Kris said...

You are (and have always been) a very brave man to list your stats! We'll cheer you on! Hey, will you email me your parents current address in their present paradise...their card came back to us from sunny Tinewell.