Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As most of you know I get motion sick - easily. As I have mentioned I cannot even play any good games on the Wii.

Today flying back from DC the pilot turned on the seat belt light and mentioned we would be having twenty minutes of MODERATE turbulence. I did not realize that there was a ranking system and previously I had only experienced LIGHT turbulence until today. About 15 minutes into it I began frantically searching my seat and the empty seat next to me for a puke bag - AND NEITHER SEAT HAD ONE! I was even tempted to wake up the odd Japanese guy in the next seat.
And why I am here - what up with the Japanese. He had on the germ mask and a sleeping blindfold. They are awesomely strange.

So I just broke out in a cold sweat and just toughed it out. Luckily the turbulence ended but here I am 9 hours later and I am still slightly nauseous.

**O My Goodness, What the Fetch!


Heather said...

thanks for explaining the title. I'm sure we all thought that is what it stood for anyway right? um.....yeah, I did.

Nessa said...

I really like the cat pic...I feel like that on Merry-go-Rounds...not the Wii, yet! Glad you are back, and that you didn't get sick...what a surprise that would have been to your flight companion!