Saturday, December 13, 2008

Remodel Going Strong

So we got the room painted, the electricity hooked up and fixtures installed, the finish carpentry cut, painted, & installed, the carpet tiles, and today I got the Ikea closets done. Plus a door handle. I have to make the attic storage door, put the air conditioning pipes back in, and make his elevated bed/desk. Then I am done. Easy.

Window newly framed

The right half of the Ikea Unit

The access to the attic space

And since Gunnar is tall we put the light switch near the ceiling. Actually the lights are on 3 way switches and this will be right next to the elevated bed. This way he can turn his lights off and on while in bed. Without the bed it looks a little strange.


Paigie said...

INGENIOUS! After having bunk beds for years in that room, what a smart idea to have the light switch like that! So smart, I like it!

Lena said...

That light switch thing is pretty awesome.