Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stardate Whatever

Up Till Now
By William Shatner & David Fisher
Occasionally I like to throw a biography into my reading mix; sometimes it is serious and now and again completely frivolous. Up Until now was a brilliant book who opens up the man who is comfortable with himself.
Things I learn:
  • It can take a really long time for being an actor to pay off.
  • While he never got that "make you a big star" role, he did manage to become identifiable throughout the world with the jobs he took to pay the rent.
  • Some members of Star Trek really don't like him.
  • There has been some real sorrow in his life.
  • He doesn't take himself too seriously, which is the key to being awesome.
  • He is Canadian

What we didn't learn:

  • Does he wear a Toupee

The one disagreement I have with his assessment, Shatner and Spader (as Crane & Shore) do not share the closest nonsexual male bond on television - for me that will always be JD and Turk.

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Randy said...

JD and Turk. That is an awsome TV couple.