Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here is my list of 25 things

For those of you who need to more about me.

1) I know the formulation for SPAM® Luncheon Meat
2) I read approximately 125 books per year. all genres
3) I only dated girls whose first name ended with the last letter A, not intentionally, I just noticed it in hindsight (Vanessa, Theresa, Pamela, Gina, Lisa, etc.)
4) I grew 2 more inches in height (I specify height because I know what my friends are like) when I was 20.
5) After I saw the movie ET I didn't open my closet for a month.
6) For most of my college life I went by the name Howie.
7) Lisa and I dated/courted through letters. We met our freshman year at college (same dorm complex) and then only saw each other approximately 3 weeks in the next 3 years prior to meeting at the chapel in Chicago the day before the wedding.
8) I walked home from the hospital after the vasectomy, the only patient to have ever done that at my clinic.
9) My first real kiss was at 14 with Julie Pitt from Sellersburg Indiana.
10) I had a very severe episode of ITP when I was 31 years old
11) I get really motion sick. Body Wars at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World - WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.
12) When my 1970's peers were rocking out to KISS I was totally loving ABBA.
13) I got my undergraduate degrees at BYU in Psychology and Family Science. My intention was to become a Marriage Counselor, but after working with the mentally ill and the juvenile jail system I decided I did not have the patience to listen to people whine about their problems all day.
14) Thomas S. Monson, Wilt Chambelain, Kim Catrall, Hayden Panetteire, Carrie-Anne Moss, and I all share the same birthday, August 21. We meet up in St. Louis for the party.
15) Having lived all over the world, I have now lived in Austin Minnesota the longest.
16) I cannot tolerate Wheat anymore, even a little bit makes my Ilium very CRANKY.
17) Anytime I hear someone use a word that rhymes with Fart in a conversation, I make the substitution in my mind and laugh on the inside.
18) I had a BCC (skin Cancer) removed from the tip of my nose.
19) One of my youth leaders when I was a kid (and used to get rides home with), ended up sexually assaulting a young kid and then beating the whole family to death with a cricket bat.
20) I tend to think of myself as funny, but haven grown up English culturally, not a lot of that humor translates in America. When that happens, Lisa will just tell them he's European. Odd thing is everyone has accepted that as a valid excuse.
21) At Junior Prom I went with Kara as friends (and at the last minute), we were the only couple not to get pictures and I still feel bad about that.
22) I dropped out of college twice - first when I got really bad mono, and then after my son was born. It took me about 9 years.
23) I was a vegan for 5 years.
24) My name while my Mom was pregnant was going to be Beauregard Cornelius; I only got a reprieve shortly before birth.
25) I had my slot to become a Missile Launch Officer in the USAF (the key turner guy in the silo) but passed a few weeks prior to my final commitment


Lena said...

That is so cool! I think I will continue to call you Howie. What a strange and intricate life you lead Howie.

Dawn said...

Julie doesn't end in a? What about that kiss?

TStevens said...
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TStevens said...

I didn't date her, I just met her at a party and made out ( a whole bunch)