Thursday, February 5, 2009

Double O - My Goodness, Back up Dude!

Occasionally I am actually forced to interact with people as I muddle through life - too bad I know. And sometimes in those interactions you meet him, the secret agent of destruction

Mr. Tosis

Hal Tosis

liscensed to kill with one breath.

There is a guy at work who has his good and bad days, and to quote Mae West - when he is bad, he is very bad.

Of course being an adult I don't say anything, I just try to keep a lot of personal space between us, keep the conversation short, and hide my grimaces. Most of all though I get all paranoid about myself. I mean, if this reasonably intelligent and attentive adult can walk around killing plant life - maybe I am too. And since most people are polite, they are keeping it to themselves as well. So the cycle of paranoia ramps up and I start chewing gum until my jaw hurts.

What is the answer???

1 comment:

shawn said...

Carry mints or gum with you at all times. Offer it to him; when he accepts, offer him the rest of the pack/container.