Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Near Misses and Stories to Tell

I was just reminiscing about my youth when I remembered that a former young men's assistant in my ward, who was always a little off, ended up going off the deep end. He maintained a forced sexual relationship with a young man, and when it went bad he beat the father to death with an iron bar, and then stabbed both the boy and his mother to death. Afterwards he went in the back yard, climbed a tree, and tied a rope around his neck threatening to jump if anyone came near him.

I remember getting a few rides home from him as a youth. He was just a little off, and sometimes you could get a sense of some hidden anger underneath it all - but the ultimate conclusion was quite a surprise when I saw his face plastered across all the newspapers while I was on my mission.

Here is a short blurb in a recent copy of the Sun newspaper (thanks to my friend Kristy). You notice they leave out the pedophilia and the tree/rope portion. And here is one of the pictures I have of him from my younger days; Peter Robak is the really big guy front and center.

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Kris said...

Peter Robak. Wow...it took me years to talk about this. We were still in the ward and I was Peter's mom's visiting teacher. I never made appointments, just packed up my little girl (3 years old) and we'd head over to the house (no companion). I was so shocked when this happened...and so sickened. Mike had complained that when Peter was the YM Pres he wanted the boys to watch him lift weights for an activity. Such a very strange experience.