Sunday, February 8, 2009

Conversations with JT - Peer Pressure

I am making popcorn with the air popper and JT is eating an apple.

JT: I need to keep eating apples - to get my teeth out.

Me: What??

JT: EVERYONE at school are losing their baby teeth, and I am not. Apples are a good way to get them to come out.

Me: Good Luck with that.

Then we segue automatically to this statement:

JT: Wouldn't be awesome if I put the apple seeds in the air popper and whole apples popped out.

Me: Yes, yes it would.

JT: And it would be cool!


Lena said...

Possibly the best idea I have ever heard.

Paigie said...

like I said, that kid is the real genius. BTW keep that idea, maybe in the future that is how we will grow apples!