Monday, February 9, 2009

I am so right

I have never really watched Dancing with the Stars, but occasionally Tivo records it. Cenny likes it so I watch the episode with her, a good Daddy daughter activity. Anyways, given that introduction, I saw the list of new contestants today

--Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell

--Rapper Lil’ Kim

--Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor

--“Jackass” wild man Steve-O

--Actress and reality show star Denise Richards

--Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson

--Singer Jewel

--Rodeo star Ty Murray (who is also Jewel’s husband)

--Actor and comedian David Alan Grier

--“Sex and The City” guy candy Gilles Marini

--Country singer Chuck Wicks (who is also Julianne Hough’s boyfriend)

--Former Go-Go’s singer Belinda Carlisle

--Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak

I am predicting right now the winner – David Alan Grier – and here is why
He is not afraid of looking silly

He is capable of swishing the hips

He is a nice guy that can win over the audience.

Who do you see winning just based on the names alone?


meredith said...

My guess is Shawn Johnson because as a gymnast she has experience with competion, is very strong and used to hard work and is very aware of her body and how it moves- if she can do backward flips with blind landings on a beam, I think she can win DWTS

TStevens said...

She is only 4 foot tall - hard to wor around when long legs win it for the ladies.

TStevens said...

But i was tempted to think her as well