Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If Anyone Gets Killed

I have had a very rough week, hence the lack of posts. Basically I think I had a very small kidney stone, but that is all guess work in hindsight. One of the few things I did besides watch
TV was read a few books.

Silence of the Grave
By Arnaldur Indritason

As you can imagine Icelandic fiction isn’t that easy to get hold of here in Minnesota, but my library does have a few of these modern police procedurals starring detective Erlunder and his cohorts. I have been enjoying them because they remind me of one of my favorite authors Henning Mankell. Anyways, an old skeleton is dug up at a construction site and the police set out to uncover a 50 year old mystery surrounded by lies, abuse, shame, suicides, and cover-ups. Luckily Iceland is so small and contained, the truth eventually finds it way out to a satisfying ending. Indritason’s books are great fun by themselves, or if you just want to get a feel for Iceland (via a Law & Order vibe). Like I said, I am prepared for my vacation if any one…

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