Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Early Years

Rough Treatment

by John Harvey

The other book I read was the second in John Harvey’s Charlie Resnick series. Charlie is a police detective on the Nottingham police force investigating a series of burglaries that are very similar to ones he saw ten years previous. Of course this leads to a deeper conspiracy which must be uncovered. The whole thing is interlaced with sad story of his personal life.

John Harvey is a prolific writer who has only gotten better over time. I started with another series he wrote, the Frank Elder books, just recently and came to love his style. I say this because the Resnick books were among his first and while these early ones are okay, I am only sticking with them because I know the writer he will become. So start with the newer series or his recent stand alones to meet the author, and then hit the early Resnick books to really enjoy his development as a writer over time (there are 11 books in the series)

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