Saturday, May 9, 2009

Old Joke Comes True

If you look up idiot in the dictionary it will have your picture. Ha Ha - Old Joke

I learned a new English term called Corpsing - itis when an actor can't keep a straight face during a comedy scene. Most famous for this would be Harvey Korman and Time Conway on The Carol Burnett Show.

So I was looking the word up in Wikipedia and it literally says at the bottom:
See Also
Breaking character
Jimmy Fallon

That's right, if you look up corpsing in the dictionary they have a picture of Jimmy Fallon.


Kris said...

I adored the Carol Burnett show when it was on! I loved those guys when they cracked up...which was often. It was on Saturday nights and my mom was usually putting curlers in my hair and I couldn't help letting my eyes (and head) turn toward the TV and she would yank my head back by the hank of hair she was holding. Ah, such fond memories!

TStevens said...

I faintly remember Carol Burnett show, but the highlight was always to see if Tim Conway would get Harvey Korman to laugh.