Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Dad finally proven right

As some of you may know, my Dad worked in a law enforcement field of sorts prior to retiring. Anyways he used to say that there were some really good pickpockets out there. Some were so good that they could remove a woman's bra and she wouldn't notice. This of course led to peels of laughter from any woman who heard this followed by the patronizing "yeah right."

Well I guess we all owe him a big apology.

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shawn said...


TStevens said...

My guess is the women are a plant. They have a complete clasped bra covering their breasts in the front, and then a separate bra band (no cups) under their breasts. That way it looks like tey have one bra on when they really have two. I notice they don't show the back to show the band is gone, people are to distracted by the nudity. How many hot girls do you lnow that are just going to pop out their breats in front a group of strangers and on TV without any hesitation. They were paid.

Heather said...

That makes sense.

Randy said...

The real trick has nothing to do with removing the Bra. The real trick is getting women to not only let you touch their breasts, but show everyone their breasts.