Thursday, May 7, 2009

Even More Fun

Do you know what is more fun than trying to talk your Mom through instant messaging on Facebook through the phone? (and I know that is hard to beat)

That would trying to talk your wife through folding an origami box through the phone.

Lisa: Hey, do you remember that box you should me a few weeks ago?
Me: Yeah
Lisa: Can you tell me how to do that, I am teaching a class on geometric shapes.
Me: Okay

And so the fun began.

Anyways, here it is the directions for those of you want to play the home game.


Lena said...

Ha! I just made one of those boxes, but mine didnt look like the one in the picture. More lopsided and wet.

Anonymous said...

Subs have to be a good at many thing, but master of none. I did get it and the kids were very impressed. Lisa

TStevens said...

I learned how to make this in Middle School after watching someone make it.

It is a lot easier to see it done first.