Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cold Light - Book 50

Cold Light
by John Harvey

Book 6 of the Charlie Resnick series. The writing is getting really good, but I felt Harvey cheated by using a few extensive red herring sub-plots while almost spending almost no time on the real bad guy. Anyways, the positives were some incredible character development story lines, especiallyat the conclusion when Charlie defines his relationship with Lynn, another detective in the department. So the story was okay, the writing a little to loose, but the continuing characters are developed. A great book to have in the series.

A young woman disappears after a Christmas Eve party. Was it the social services client who tore up her office and held her hostage that morning, the boyfriend who she dumped the day before, a drunken participant at the party, or some other person. With the angry father pressuring them for a result and the tabloids writing everyday, Resnick needs some answers. Then the ransom demands shows up, just like last time, when they didn’t get the girl back.
Mormon Mentions: None

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