Friday, May 15, 2009

He is our smartest

If you have a lot of children I suggest having them all in band or in orchestra, but not both. We have been to four school concerts in the last week alone and it is tiring. Luckily Gunnar has settled on just being in band like Qatar so that is keeping the events down, but we have already told the next three – No String Instruments for you. Cenneidigh wanted a violin but will probably play the flute now (girlie), but I am hoping for the trombone. Have you seen the cost of band instruments lately? We have yet to buy anything for the boys as we just can’t afford it, and that is with being told Gunnar could get a Tuba scholarship for college.

Anyways we are at the middle school band concert and it is a lively affair with guitars and drums in the mix when JT states he wants to play the drums. It was right after the drum solo during Smooth. Well they have a rule in our school system that you cannot play percussion without two years of piano under your belt. Well Lisa relates this to JT because we can’t afford drums or to get him into lessons, but unlike the rest of our children who would have accepted that without pause.

JT says: That is not the law Mom. That is just a school rule. You are allowed to play drums without piano in real life. Now you have to say that with all the “exasperated at the dumbness of your parents” that a 7 year old can generate. I turned to Lisa and ask her to refute our little genius. She can’t and says that is just the way it is JT.
After a few seconds he quietly asks to start piano lessons. Three kids at piano at $18 a lesson with the next two needing to start lessons as well. This innate musical ability our children have – not from us – is killing us slowly.


meredith said...

LOL I am waiting as long as I can to start Lily b/c I don't want to pay for 3 in piano. I have spent the last 3 months trying to convince everyone in our home that the kids really only need to play 1 instrument each- unfortunately no one feels the same way that I do so the best I can hope for is holding Lily off for awhile. Good luck w/ Cenneidigh and J.T.

Lena said...

I played the piano for like 8 months, and the flute for about 2. Other than that, nothing. I kind of hope my kids find another hobby. One I can help them with.

TStevens said...

I took the recorder for about three weeksbass guitar for about 2 months. No talent for the most part. To be fair Lisa does oplay the piano but our boys are just in another level. Some genetic quirk of some sort.