Saturday, May 9, 2009

Timewasting Television Tidbits

If you are a user of Hulu than I have great news for you. They have loaded up season one of Green Wing, an hour long comedy show about an English hospital. Imagine Scrubs on steroids, with the humour a lot more dry, and the language a little more raw. A very funny show overall starring several great English actors including Sarah Alexander from Coupling (brilliant show) and the original Worst Week of My Life.

Be forewarned, while this scene is HILARIOUS, you more sensitive types should know that there is one use of profanity.

I also learned yesterday that ABC has all five seasons of Lost on-line for free viewing. I have never really watched the show because I got behind early in Season 1 and gave up. I was waiting for someone to buy them – like Wayne – and then I would just borrow them. That is how we saw all of the Gilmore Girls.

And for my fellow lovers of Swedish crime fiction I see PBS is going to show several Masterpieces using Henning Mankell’s books, starring Kenneth Branagh as Detective Wallander. The first one airs this Sunday May 10th.

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meredith said...

why did random image Wednesday go away? Is it going to come back?