Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Have Smelled the Future

And it isn't good.

Last week Lisa is doing her exercises (you go girl) and she asks me about her gluteals and her hamstrings. Apparently she wasn’t feeling the burn and wanted exercises to activate them. I suggested deads, split squats, and lunges; but I did offer this caveat:

Me: Remember, feeling it doesn’t mean it is working better. In fact it might just mean you are pushing for an injury. Be careful and take it slow.

Lisa (being very, very condescending): Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know.

Anyways by the time I get back from work she is basically crippled with several pulled/strained muscles from her lower back through her butt down into her leg. She didn’t get out of bed until Tuesday.

But back to my smellavision. When I get into bed and lift the cover the odor is almost overpowering. The scent of old age and sadness. Lisa reeks of it and in that moment I see our future laid out in front of me, like Paul on the road to Damascus.

If you want to experience it yourself, just rub Ben Gay all over your damn ass, and then cuss.


Anonymous said...

I didn't say Yea Yea Yea...I just wanted to figure a way to get to my back leg muscles. Well not the way I did obviously. Ouch!!!!

meredith said...

LOL I hope that Lisa feels better soon - like before we all go camping tomorrow, and do you need an air freshener?

By Me said...

I know what Lisa is talking about. I have been doing arm weights with Leighsa Husban and finally all that caught up with me and because it has...I had a pinched nerve or something up on my neck shoulder area. for three days i tried working it out, got a massage and finally, I took 2 aleave (SP)- best drugs I have ever taken, and finally I was able to crack the left side of my neck and it finally released what ever the problem was. so lisa...take aleave (how ever you spell that)!! Keep working it. Leighsa Husban (Peterson) can give you tips on how to improve your muscles...she was a body builder after all!

Ann Anderson