Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Has Been Talking??

Since joining the Facebook I notice that they automatically generate ads on the sidebar, and I assume they base it on page content.

So far it has been pushing me to:
White-n my teeth
Shave my Chest
Lose weight and get 6 pack abs

and then to go on a

Gay Cruise.

It is scary how well it knows me already.


meredith said...

LOL I'veonly gotten ads for cell phones and stuff like that. I wonder if i just don't pay attention...

Heather said...

my page usually shows breast enhancements or shoes or meeting singles. They must totally know me too.;)

Paigie said...

maybe its an age thing as mine always seem to be like what Heather, for David that might mean preparing for a mid-life crisis? lol