Friday, January 23, 2009

Conversations with JT

Picking JT up at School

Me: JT, you can climb over the snow pile but I have to walk around.
JT: No, I can't go on it.
Me: Why?
JT: the crossing guards will turn you in to the teachers.
Me: Those facist bastards!

Talking with Lisa later

Me: Did you hear about those Nazi's at JT's school; they won't let him on the snow pile.
Lisa: Yeah a few days ago they asked him to get off of it, and he told them he had a 15 year old brother. And then his friend stated that said brother would beat the crossing guards up. So yeah, he is pretty much banned from the snow pile.

So now I am of three minds, sort of upset, sort of proud, and kinda hopeful JT will use the phrase facist bastards correctly one day with an unsuspecting adult.


Paigie said...

you know JT will, he was always good at parroting things he didn't understand in the correct context. Always funny!

TStevens said...

JT understands - he is awesome

Lena said...

I don't think you can use Fascist Bastard incorrectly.