Friday, January 2, 2009

How Was Your New Years?

We got up early to have lunch at Minneapolis's world famous Tiki bar, Psycho Suzie's Motor Lodge.
Then we drove the 10 minutes over to the University of Minnesota to watch the Women's Golden Gopher basketball team whup up on Penn State.The we headed over to Ikea and made a few returns and then pick up a few things, like a meatball dinner at the cafeteria. All in all a great day and the kids had total fun. What wonderful parents Lisa and I are, and what a start to 2009 - it is totally going to rock.

Oh wait; that's right. we didn't do any of that because at 2am in the morning Cenny started puking her guts out. So basically 2009 will be the same as always.


meredith said...

Mine New Years was great except for this guy calling my house at 8:30 New Years morning to tell me that one of his kids who had spent the night the day before and been at my house New Years Eve woke up puking. Thankfully no one is puking here.....yet

TStevens said...

I was calling to let Shawn know he didn't have to worry about Parker

Lena said...

Your family gets sick a lot. Also, they get sick around the holidays. I am sorry the New Year started off with so much vomit.

On another note, I actually did go to IKEA on new years day. They did not have the TV stand we wanted. We are still upset.

TStevens said...

We used to be strong, healthy, and young - then we had kids.

When they start going to school they bring home every illness imaginable - all the ones I wasn't exposed to as a kid. And when a kid gets a stomach flu - they throw up and feel better. When yu the adult catch the same thing - it is a hundred times worse.