Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Conversation with my Mother

I spent the night at the Mayo Clinic Sleep Study center. They shave you and hook up about twenty monitors all over, and 2 additional devices up your nose, and then a monitor on your finger for good measure.
Not me, but very similar
The end result is I have mild to moderate sleep apnea, and I stood out from my fellow study mates as well. I was the youngest and/or smallest person there. The Doctor mentioned this but pointed out that I have some inherited traits that make me susceptible to having it. So basically, it is all my parents fault.

So like any good son I immediately call my parents and share this information.

My Mom: Well, all your problems medically can be blamed on us.
Me: Don't sell yourself short Mom, I think all my problems, medical or otherwise, can be blamed on you.
My Mom: Ha Ha (you have to make it sound sarcastic, basically like someone who has known me 39+ years).

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Lena said...

Sleep apnea is no fun. I do not envy you.