Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Say No

The Abstinence Teacher
by Tom Perrotta

If you like books that tie up all the sub-plots into one neat ending, then avoid this book at all costs. This is the story of very real characters, with all their flaws and quirks, as they try to navigate their way between fundamental Christianity and the right of individuals to not believe. It is set in a small town with the very harsh evangelical Tabernacle church and their desire to impose their views on the rest if the community whether they want or need it. The first battle involves limiting sex education and then to the force of prayer before sporting events. While I find this brand of Christianity distasteful, Perrotta presents the value of such beliefs. On the other side he demonstrates the flaws of the opposing view and in the end draws no conclusion. That is left entirely up to you the reader.

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