Friday, January 16, 2009

What is your integrity worth?

At work we have a online bulliten board in which you can sell stuff. I logged on today and saw something interesting for only $75 (this would be slightly under priced). Well I call the guy and buy it and arrange to pick it up tomorrow.

Wait thirty minutes when the guy emails me that he has since had another offer in which he was offered $100. "Sorry" for the inconvienence, but would I like to bid.

No thank you, and you just sold the only thing you had that was worth anything in this world for $25.


meredith said...

That is so obnoxious.

meredith said...

BTW- there is a way to help this person have some understanding. List a car for sale under their name at a great price- a really great price, and then list their number and that they work 2nd shift, please call between midnight and 3 a.m. if interested..... They will learn that having losts of buyers with interest isn't all that great .

BTW- I found that in book called don't get mad get even- and it's NOT something you should really do,,,,,,

Paigie said...

As a first year law student studying contracts I would say that you may have an enforceable contract...:p

TStevens said...

I think you are right Paige, but it is the cost of enforcement.