Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I Read

People often wonder what I like to read. Here is a probably incomplete list of where I am with certain authors. Not included are a lot of one hit wonders and/or new authors who I would definitely read any more books they would care to publish. I also left out deceased writers that I have read their entire backlist.

Here is the short list of all the writers that, except for the odd book, I keep up on. I love all these guys, but my absolute favorites would have to be Rankin, Keyes, Mankell, Moore, and Murakami.
Monica Ali
Chris Anderson
Jeffrey Archer
Dave Barry
Mark Bowden
Christopher Buckley
Dan Brown
John Burdett
Martin Clark
Harlan Coben
Robert Crais
Lindsey Davis
Helen Fielding
Janet Fitch
Stephen Frey
Tess Gerritsen
Victor Gischler
Malcolm Gladwell
John Grisham
Mark Haddon
Steve Hamilton
Nick Hornby
Khaled Hosseini
Arnaldur Indritason
Sebastian Junger
Marian Keyes
Sophie Kinsella
J.A. Konrath
Erik Larsen
Dennis Lehane
Jeff Lindsay
Laura Lippman
Henning Mankell
Steve Martin
Stephanie Meyer
Christopher Moore
Haruki Murakami
Mary Roach
Tom Perrotta
Joe Queenan
Ian Rankin
Louise Rennison
JD Robb*(Not Nora Roberts)
JK Rowling
Curtis Sittenfeld
Zadie Smith
Nicholas Sparks
Vikas Swarup
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Donna Tartt
Lynne Truss

This next list is active writers that I have read a significant portion of their backlist and who I am trying to become current on. Of this list I would say John Harvey is the only one I am actively/directly pursuing that goal. The others I will pick something up if none of the above have anything current out that I need to read.
Martin Amis
Robert Asprin
Michael Chabon
Michael Connelly
James Ellroy
Stephen Fry
Jane Green
John Harvey
Carl Hiassen
Homer Hickam
Stephen King
Harold Kushner
Elmore Leonard
Paul Levine
Robert Ludlum
Ian McEwan
Lauren Myracle
Hakan Nesser
George Pelacanos
Cornelia Read
Philip Roth
Richard Russo
Neal Stephenson
Sue Townsend
PJ Tracy
Jonathan Tropper
Scott Turow

This is a list of deceased writers I am working on. I will read Crichton’s last book as soon as I can. Larsson is an interesting case. He is a Swedish writer who turned in three complete manuscripts and then unfortunately had a heart attack and died. The first was released last year and was brilliant. I am anxiously awaiting the next two.
Douglas Adams
Kingsley Amis
Michael Crichton
Stieg Larsson
Sinclair Lewis

The next is a special case. Beaton writes two series of books and I only like the Hamish ones. I am completely up to date on those.
MC Beaton

These next two I have read a majority of them and have officially quit them. Cussler was difficult after reading so many, but the quality has gone downhill. I was just reading them to read them.
Clive Cussler
Jeffrey Deaver

Plus there are plenty of UK and Japanese writers that I would read everything, but my access is severely limited. So I have read what I can and I am hopeful for more opportunities in the future..
Iain Banks
Mark Barrowcliffe
Colin Bateman
Christopher Brookmyre
Ken Bruen
Jonathan Coe
Mike Gayle
Wendy Holden
Natsuo Kirino
Miyuki Miyabe
Patrick Neate
John O’Farrell
Banana Yoshimoto


Anonymous said...

I noticed an author that I really like is missing from your list! If you haven't read any of Kazuo Ishiguro. One of my favorite books is The Remains of the Day which he wrote. Another good one of his is Never Let Me Go. Also, have you ever read any of Mark Dunn's work? Ella Minnow Pea was great, and I've got Ibid on request at the library. Suzanne

TStevens said...

I have seen Ishiguro books at my library but have always seen something else a little more interesting. One day though